Wrath | TOKYO, JAPAN: Capcom gets excited for Azura's Wrath. (Photo: GameWatchImpress)

The Most Insane Battery Test I've Ever Seen

I've tested battery life. Usually, I play some, write down how long I play, take a break, and comeback. Not this dude.
YouTube user Kurekureyon filmed himself playing the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS non-stop. More »

You Cannot Unsee Yoshi. I Promise.

Right now, you may think you are looking at a new zero calorie lychee apple tea drink. You are. But you are also looking at Nintendo's character, Yoshi. More »

PC Game Cancels E3 Appearance as SOPA Protest, Shutting Down Beta for 24 Hours

You may have noticed a few websites around the place pledge to "shut down" on January 18 in protest against the awful Stop Online Piracy Act. That's all well and good, but now Red 5 Studios, the developers behind the upcoming Firefall, are doing it as well. More »

Daarken's Fantasy Art Has Shades of Mass Effect

The mildly-bizarre partnership between Mass Effect 3 and...Kingdoms of Amalur was announced with a wonderful piece of art. That piece was the work of Mike "Daarken" Lim, a freelance games artist whose stuff we'll be looking at today.
Beginning his career in 2004 creating monsters for Wizards of the... More »

The Smooth, Sexy Fan Art of Will Murai

Brazilian artist Will Murai has worked extensively in the video games, comics and advertising industries. But that's not why we're here today. We're talking about Will because of his amazing fan art.
Using a style that's halfway between 'classic pin-up" and "newspaper caricature", Murai has paid... More »

This Man Has No Eyes, Yet Can Play World of Warcraft

Ben Shaw has had one hell of a last few years. Serving overseas, the former British Army soldier was wounded by a roadside explosive in Iraq, and as a result had to have both of his eyes removed.
Yet does that stop him playing World of Warcraft? More »

Charting the Cultural Ascent of the Word 'Gamer'

Most folks don't really much like the term "Gamer." It has a lot of cultural baggage, and is even a little bit like "Hipster" in some ways. We all like games these days, don't we? More »

Meet Midas: A Clever, Free Game With a Golden Touch

I was happy to stumble upon the free Kongregate game Midas today. Created by Melbourne-based Kongregate user wanderlands, it's a simple 2D platform/puzzler based around the story of King Midas.
King Midas, as you may remember from Greek myth, was granted the magical ability to turn everything he... More »

Gundam Mecha Modded into Young, Cute Girls

March 11, 2011 was a horrible day. Japan was ravaged by a powerful earthquake and tsunami, resulting in destruction and death. Tokyo felt it, sure, but areas like Fukushima were hit hardest.
The earthquake touched so many different kinds of people. More »

This Zelda Map Will Get You Drunk

It's one of the greatest games ever made. Playing it is a rite of passage for millions. It's a game that becomes increasingly difficult the longer you play it. More »

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