Welcome, Kotaku clan, to our relaxing Thursday night open thread. We have had a dearth of late-night open threads of late, and I can only blame the holidays for that. Fortunately, we're back and running.

How were your holidays? How has the new year been treating you? Have you finally beaten all of the games you got? Are you caught up in the horse-race of the Republican Presidential primary?


Today I realized that after all this time, I didn't know who "Snooki" actually was. I've never really watched Jersey Shore, as it turns out. After seeing a picture, I thought, "Okay, so that person I've seen so many places is 'The Snooki.'" I'm not better off for having this information, but I'm also not worse off. I'm pretty much just keepin' on keepin' on.

Culled from the internet, here are a variety of random things that may serve as conversation starters:

And that's that! Enjoy talking amongst yourselves.