Point | LAS VEGAS: Sony's Kaz Hirai shows off the new Xperia phone. (Photo: Jack Dempsey | AP)

Pictures of the Xbox Factory Jumpers

This week, a report surfaced that a group of 300 Xbox 360 factory workers threatened to commit suicide en masse over a labor dispute. The group took the rooftops, but was finally talked down. More »

North Korea's Dictator Is So Dragonball

Kim Jong-il passed away last month, leaving his manga-reading gamer son Kim Jong-un as successor.
Not much is known about Kim Jong-un, which means the developers of Homefront had to insert his likeness later. More »

This World of Warcraft Art Takes it to the Brink (I'm Sorry...)

Laurel D. Austin does some great work. Employed for years at Splash Damage, the team behind Brink, she's recently joined Blizzard, where she's working as a concept artist. More »

Kid Icarus: Uprising Will Be Bundled with a Stupid Stand!

Who's excited about Kid Icarus? I sure am. But this ridiculous stand that's packaged with it? Nothankyou.
According to Kid Icarus: Uprising designer Masahiro Sakurai, the game will come with this "Nintendo 3DS Stand". More »

There Was a Dreamcast TV Set. It was Both Hideous and Glorious.

My favourite piece of gaming hardware released around the turn of the millennium was not the Sega Dreamcast, or the PlayStation 2, or the Xbox, or the GameCube. More »

BioWare Gives Mass Effect Statue a Breast Reduction

There's a headline I never thought I'd be writing.
In a rare/strange/welcome move, Mass Effect creators BioWare have responded to fan feedback from the initial design for a statue based on the series' Liara and given the piece a breast reduction.
As you can see in the initial shots of the statue... More »

Microsoft's Explanation For What Caused Xbox 360 Factory Suicide Threats

Earlier this week, Kotaku told you about how a large number of employees at a Foxconn factory in China had threatened mass suicide having been "denied compensation they were promised".
Microsoft assured us at the time that it would look into the matter, and has informed Kotaku that it has now... More »

Woah, I Didn't Know Kindergarten Cop Took Place in Silent Hill

I always thought of Schwarzenegger's 1990 film Kindergarten Cop as a feel-good family movie. Little did I know that the film was also a horror prequel, set in the same terrifying school as a section of the seminal 1999 horror video game Silent Hill.
It's easy to look at the first of these images... More »

A Rock Band-Style Game for the Blind

Music isn't a visual art-form, and many amazing musicians, from Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles to Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Roul Midón have created incredible sounds despite (or possibly even enhanced by) their inability to see. More »

Not Everyone Hates Dragon Age II, You Know

I have a lot of fun ripping on Dragon Age II. BioWare's 2011 follow-up to their epic and beloved Dragon Age: Origins disappointed and frustrated me in many, many ways.
But plenty of people liked it just fine. More »

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