There's a headline I never thought I'd be writing.

In a rare/strange/welcome move, Mass Effect creators BioWare have responded to fan feedback from the initial design for a statue based on the series' Liara and given the piece a breast reduction.


As you can see in the initial shots of the statue here, she was originally quite well-endowed. Which was a little strange given the tone of both the character and the series itself (though, yes, the entire point of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line is to bring the sexy).

In new images of the piece released by Kotobukiya yesterday, though—and spotted by Eurogamer—BioWare seems to have listened to the November feedback and had them scale back the size of the character's chest accordingly.


I still think it's a pretty stupid statue—given the nature of the line and of the franchise a character like Miranda would probably have been more appropriate—but hey, let's see if crowd-sourced video game merchandise breast reductions become a thing. Because that would be hilarious.

MASS EFFECT美少女 リアラ・ティッソーニ [Kotobukiya]