In today's timely edition of Speak Up on kotaku, commenter Nyan Khajiit lays out their video gaming plans for the first three months of 2012. Do you plan ahead, or just play the games as they come and hope for the best?

Gaming Plans for the First Few Months of 2012

— Decided today that I would just go ahead and buy Xenogears off the PSN. Posts I read today on Reddit and Joystiq did me in, and I'm gonna see what I missed all those years ago. Being in a JRPG phase also has an effect. Depending on how I take to it, I could be playing it for the rest of the month.


— If not, or in addition (based on free-time), Mass Effect 2 needs to be replayed. Not having a save file anymore is really no way to go about protecting the galaxy, amirite?

Final Fantasy XIII-2! If it doesn't suck! I'm so confused by what to expect, and at this point I feel enjoying it wholeheartedly from beginning to end, is just as likely as me cancelling my pre-order, in the next couple weeks. I guess we'll have to see.

— Who knows, I could still be playing Xenogears like crazy. Time will tell.

Mass Effect 2, dammit.

— Friend has a copy of Arkham City, a game I have not gotten around to playing, despite Arkham Asylum being one of my all-time faves. No idea how long it will take me, but at best, it'll serve as a nice distraction/contrast to XIII-2 if and when I need a break.


— A mix of all the aforementioned games, provided they aren't finished, up until the release of Mass Effect 3...
— ...and then ME3 like crazy.

— If I eat up ME3 real quick (fortunately it's released in the first couple days of university break), I'll return to everything else. I'm not the type of gamer who will get a particular ending in ME3, and then return to it right away to see what else I can come up with. I just know that it'll be some time before I replay ME3, in the good way.

So Brotaku (haven't used that annoying word in quite some time), what's the first few months of 2012 look like for you?

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