Commander Shepard, Relax | Sara McSorley tones down the anger and presents the new female Commander Shepard in a more peaceful light.

How To Get Banned Playing Modern Warfare 3 (and What a Ban Actually Looks Like)

Let's say you're curious as to how, exactly, developer Infinity Ward determines whether an online offence is grave enough to warrant banning from their blockbuster shooter Modern Warfare 3. More »

Developer Receives Death Threats Over New Devil May Cry Game

I've never been as besotted as others are with Devil May Cry's Dante. He looks like Carmen Sandiego-turned-serial-killer and has all the action hero swagger of a male hairdresser. More »

Harrison Ford Watches Indiana Jones for the First Time

Remember last year how Harrison Ford helped Sony market Uncharted 3 in Japan? Well, those clips have been remixed into something way better.
Instead of fumbling his way through Uncharted 3, Ford is instead sitting down (well, not really) and watching the Indiana Jones movies. More »

Soulcalibur V Poster is as Subtle as Giant Boobs In the Face Can Be

This, I kid you not, is a poster advertising the upcoming Soulcalibur V in Japan. Stay classy, Namco Bandai.
(via 4Gamer) More »

Zelda's Boss Offers a Giant Disclaimer over "Official" Series Timeline

When the "official" timeline for The Legend of Zelda series was first published in a Japanese book, I warned you.
"Be warned...Nintendo may later own up and say this isn't the super-secret official timeline they've been guarding with their lives for decades", I said. More »

Rumor: Next Xbox and Next PlayStation Will Both be at E3 2012

MCV is reporting that both the next Xbox console from Microsoft and Sony's next PlayStation home console will both make their debuts at this year's E3.
It's implied in the story that the news comes from external parties associated with both platform holders, in Microsoft's case its "partners", in... More »

Is Microsoft's Xbox Live "Hacking" Problem Worse Than Microsoft Realises?

So late last year, people began to complain that their Xbox Live accounts were being "hacked". Microsoft said no, they weren't, but acknowledged there was an issue with unscrupulous types "phishing" for account info.
"It's not a hack, it's really just a different way to monetise stolen accounts",... More »

Six Days Into 2012 and we Have a Candidate For Worst Box Art of the Year

And, surprise surprise, it's for a HD anthology, in this case the re-releases of the first three Devil May Cry games.
While we've tutted in disappointment at previous collections, this one seems particularly awful, especially when you look at the PS3 version's giant silver dash (the 360 one isn't... More »

This Firefall "Cosplay" Kicks All Kinds of Armoured Ass

To help shill their upcoming Firefall, Red 5 Studios is employing two models to play the part of the game's characters at press events and shows. One is cosplayer Crystal Graziano, who Red 5 is also sponsoring for a full year. More »

Video Game Anagram Covers are Hilarious

For a while now, NeoGAF user jarosh has been making anagrams out of video game names, giving each not just a new title, but new box art to go with it.
They usually involve a little Photoshop work to go with the new name, and as a result can be slightly NSFW, but the more effective ones are those... More »

Putting the Difference Between GTAIII and GTAIV In Perspective

On the left, the complete script for Grand Theft Auto III. On the right? The complete script for Grand Theft Auto IV.
[via Rockstar] More »

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