That Jawa Looks Stoned | Guinness' latest record it just made up is "Largest Entertainment Voice-Over Project Ever" and, guess what, Star Wars: The Old Republic is its holder. Beats "Most Banthas Stuffed into a Phone Booth."

Gotham City Impostors' January Release Date Was Some Kind of Joke

With the console beta test for Monolith's downloadable dose of bat on clown violence still ramping up, Warner Bros. has gently pushed the release date for Gotham City Impostors from January into February. Someone notify Julian Day! More »

Sony Finds Twelve More Freaky People That Want to Compete for a Crap PlayStation Job

Season 3 of the show so outrageously specific it only airs on a video game console kicks off next month. Let's see what sort of quality folks Sony's dredged together for the third season of The Tester. More »

Last Year's Best, New(ish) Video Game Ideas

Even a casual fan could have called the year's top 10 in June and been mostly correct. The year was in a climate of highly-anticipated launches and loads of 2s and 3s in titles. Still, on the big picture level, it's an extremely exciting time to be a gamer–-and it's also a time for us to start rethinking what ‘gamer' means. More »


X-Com Returns to Turn-Based Strategy with Enemy Unknown

Legions of old-school X-Com fans groaned in frustration when 2K Games revealed that their upcoming re-imagination of the beloved strategy game would be a first-person shooter. But now, the publisher's revealed a second title that goes back to the franchise's roots. More »

This is the Non-Boring Version of Bejeweled That I Can't Stop Playing

Bejeweled is an eye-roller. It's The Da Vinci Code of video games or the Lady Gaga or whatever your favorite example is of something that far too many people are into. To like Bejeweled is to be common. To play it is to be as daring in taste as a person who drinks tap water. But, have you played the Diamond Mine mode in the revamped Bejeweled on iOS? It is so much better. More »

Confirmed: Lego Batman 2 Will Assemble a MiniFig Justice League This Summer

The World's Finest team-up that's been rumored and then teased in advertising for months finally gets announced as Warner Bros. Interactive reveals Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes today. Aside from Batman, Robin and Superman, the game will also feature Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. More »

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