Reeking of amateurish CG and released by the seemingly nonexistent Japan Institute of Science and Technology, this video depicting a pair of miniature hover cars ripped straight out of Sony's WipeOut series sure gets me hungry for some futuristic racing.

While quantum levitation is a very real phenomenon, the likelihood of the demonstration above being anything more than a viral advertisement for the upcoming WipeOut 2048 for the PlayStation Vita is incredibly slim. Coating a sapphire wafer with a thin layer of superconductor is one thing; applying it to a pair of seemingly diecast models is another. The movement is too fluid, the vapor trails too thick, and the whole concept of a group of scientists basing their research on a video game is quite ludicrous.

I suppose for now WipeOut 2048 is as close as we'll get to this sort of futuristic hover racing. I've already got it preordered, Sony, but feel free to send out more virals; they're quite nifty.

Controlled Quantum Levitation on a Wipe'Out Track [YouTube via Gizmodo]