As we mentioned earlier, some things are getting moved around and pushed up to today because of the holiday weekend. So let's go ahead and get in the last 'Shop Contest roundup of 2011. It's the story of President Obama and a man he met recently at the Best Buy. A man who looks like Heavy Weapons Guy. A man who looks like Robert Bowling. And a man who looks like Barack Obama. We've got all of those, plus MrEcko, inside!

Getting started schnide (16) wants to be sure everyone knows he's not calling him "Asshole Obama," merely supplying our obligatory Asshole Dog 'shop. Duly noted, schnide. NerdAlert1984 (11) couldn't bring himself to diss The Old Republic so he gave Darth Malgus an Origin card. Kanojo No Carrera (6) provides Obama's birth certificate BUT SORRY IS NOT TEH NOTARIZED says the Birther trolls.


Breytont (1) has quite the trophy kill; as commenter Tuco_Benedicto says, "Hillary really makes this one!" Indeed. J7( (5) gave us the Blob; StuartC (18) gives us porn. Zigzagoon (20) does a great swap 'Shop and gives us a callback to the Call of Duty cosplayer.

Many folks went the Pokémon route; Reactant (14) and GiantBoyDetective (3) had the best showing; GanymedeJupiter gave us Digimon (2) because he's just being a contrarian. Paradox me (13) says "For some reason I thought of a Goron when I saw the Best Buy employee." Funny enough to me, get on board.

Overall winners? We had some great submissions this week. richardharo says he totally did not spend three hours doing his (15) which is great. It's the best 20-minute 'Shop job I've ever seen, then. Is that Gingrich as the ewok? Good Lord, did you really get Bill Bennett as Han Solo? Or is that Biden? I can't recognize him with a shirt on.


But my favorite is MrEcko (10), who had the most prolific performance last week, and he was determined to make it in the roundup. For some reason, Obama's pensive stare communicates a longing for the guy he met at Best Buy, and that makes me laugh every time I see it. Great job.

Congratulations to all finalists, and thanks to all who participated. We will have another 'Shop Contest challenge at the end of the day.






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Paradox me






Tylor Perry