Mononoke Hime | Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke gets a makeover, courtesy of sakimichan.

Some Guys Who Made Homeworld Are Making A New Sci-Fi Game

Over the past ten years, ever since we saw the last of the critically-acclaimed Homeworld series, a number of key developers working on games for developers Relic left the studio. More »

Another MMO's Accounts Have Been Hacked

Developer Trion Worlds has sent emails out to its subscribers warning them that accounts for its MMO Rift - which some people think is a damn fine game - have been compromised by "unauthorized intruders".
While Trion says that "there is no evidence, and we have no reason to believe, that full... More »

Jedi & Sith Turn Times Square Into a Star Wars Battleground

To celebrate the launch of video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, publishers EA flew teams of Jedi and Sith into New York City's Times Square to face off.
Then they shipped (or paid the subway fare?) for a whole bunch more.
The pace of the action is a little...slower than we're used to in the... More »

The Day a Sporting Legend Became an Unwitting Sonic the Hedgehog Icon

In the pouring rain on April 11, 1993, Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna raced into history with one of the greatest performances of his career. More »

Capcom is Opening a bar. A Real, Drinking Bar.

Japanese publisher Capcom will next year open a bar in Tokyo's bustling Shinjuku.
It'll be a sort of cultural and public relations outpost for the company (which is actually based in Osaka), as alongside food and drinks based off Capcom properties it'll also host public events.
The bar, which is... More »

The New Xbox Dashboard is Stopping Some users From Getting Online

Ever since the release of Microsoft's new dashboard the other week, some unlucky users have been unable to get their consoles back online, something the company is promising to "resolve ... More »

Congraturations, Sega, This Vita Game's a Winner

Now, we should be the last people on Earth to get on a high horse over typos and associated spelling errors. But the fact this screenshot comes from the Japanese version of Virtua Tennis 4 on the Vita makes it too good to ignore.
@ItCameFromJapan [Twitter, via Destructoid] More »

A Day In the Life of a Shy Guy

Clock on, office politics, clock off. Just another day in the life of one of the Mushroom Kingdom's most adorable denizens.
By, who else, Zac Gorman.
(Click on the below image to embiggen).

December 22nd, 2011 [Magical Game Time] More »

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