Red vs Blue | Belgian artist Olivier Couston tackles both sides of Team Fortress 2's Pyro

Networking: How a Shooter Shoots

I'm going to lean out of the window here and share some knowledge I gathered about a very complex topic I had no idea about a few months ago. Why am I doing that? More »

Here's Your Weekly Instalment of Half-Life 3 Trolling

Don't get your hopes up, but there's a website on the internet with a giant Half-Life 3 logo on it that's been doing the rounds today, tugging rudely on people's heartstrings.
It's slick, it goes to the trouble of adding copyright notices and the essential "small logos" that lend credibility to the... More »

Old Republic Could Have Been a Game of Thrones MMO (Or Lord of the Rings!)

Years and years ago, when the design team for what would become Star Wars: Old Republic was first sitting down to plan a video game, they knew they were going to make an MMO. More »

The US Army Has One of the Prettiest Video Games On the Planet

Remember back in May, how we showed you that footage from the US military's new "video game" simulation suite? Well, it's back. And it looks more amazing than ever.
To recap, this is the Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS), a new simulation tool for the US Army. More »

We All Wish We Were This Good At Battlefield 3

Gameplay as cinema? Sure, it can work, especially when it's as entertaining as Run, a short clip put together by YouTube user JackFrags.
While captured in-game, this isn't raw, live gameplay footage. More »

Oh, If Only Portal 2's Wheatley Had Won a VGA

Portal 2's Wheatley did not win an award at the Spike VGAs. Mildly disappointing, but then, given the Spike's themselves are mildly disappointing, I'm not losing much sleep over it.
Eeexxcccceeepppptttt for this. More »

Why a 1995 PlayStation Game Still Looks Like It Came From The Future

You know why the PlayStation took off in the mid-90s? Because it was cool. And nothing on the PlayStation was cooler than WipeOut.
The futuristic racing series, created by Psygnosis, was fast and fun, but what really helps the franchise stand out is its unique approach to visual design. More »

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