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This Might Actually Be The Official Zelda Timeline

Since the series began, Nintendo has been coy on whether there's an official timeline for The Legend of Zelda. They've said there is one, locked away in Nintendo HQ, but the fact it's never been shared - and that each game seems so wildly different from the rest - has long clouded the topic.
Until... More »

Aperture Science and the Caribbean Orange

Portal isn't just about science. It can also be about art, depending on how you look at it. And that's exactly how Nathan Altice looked at it in this piece on Valve's first-person puzzlers, drawing parallels between Portal and the work of artist Gordon Matta-Clark.
I recently visited Chicago for... More »

What's This, a Dark, Brooding Space Adventure Game?

Stasis is an upcoming indie adventure game set in space. It's for the PC. It's played from an isometric perspective. And it looks all kinds of dark and moody. More »

See How Link and Zelda Have Changed In 25 Years

The upcoming Legend of Zelda art book, Hyrule Historia, has so far only been confirmed for a Japanese release. Since that means most of you won't be looking at it at all, it won't hurt to take a peek at a few more of its pages, especially ones that show the progression of Link and Zelda from their... More »

Call of Duty Creators Tease new Game With Second Blurry Image

Back in the Summer Respawn Entertainment, home to the creators (and many of the developers) behind the Call of Duty and Modern Warfare franchises, teased their upcoming project with a single image.
There's now a second one.
It's about as useless as the first, but given the expectations around... More »

How to Play as Link, In Skyrim

Let's say you want to make your Skyrim character look really different, but don't want to have he/she looking like Lightning out of Final Fantasy XIII. More »

Metal Gear Creator's Next Game is Set In a "Very Open World"

Hideo Kojima, creator and curator of the Metal Gear franchise, sure loves a tease. Speaking with CNN recently, he starts to get into details about his upcoming game, then like all good teases do, pulls up short just before you get to the good stuff.
Having shown it off last week with APCs and More »

Game Industry All-Stars Making an Epic Sci-Fi Comic...Game...Thing

When Kendall Davis began work at 343 Industries, and got started on Halo 4, he probably didn't think he'd end up quitting the studio and branching out to create an ambitious comic game with the help of an all-star game development ensemble.
But that's exactly what's happened.
Fine Art has the... More »

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