Kind of cool, kind of creepy. I played Google Shoot View in front of Kotaku's NYC HQ. -Stephen Totilo

For the Right Price These Gamers Will Die For You

This story starts, as so many great ones do, with a classified ad: "I will take bullets for you," it read.
And he did.
Contact made, cash transfer confirmed, Londoner Toby Smith met me on a bluff overlooking the border between Iran and Turkmenistan on an early December afternoon armed with an M416... More »

The Most Important Artifact in the Diablo Universe

The Book of Cain is the ultimate guide to Diablo lore. It covers every aspect of the world of Sanctuary and its trials, beginning with the creation of the universe and leading right up to the doorstep of Diablo III, one of the most eagerly anticipated video games of 2012. More »

How I Stopped Worrying About Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Started My Own Video Game Blog

Hi, my name is Avery; I'm a 15-year-old gamer and blogger. I'm shocked and amazed that I've been asked to write a guest post for Kotaku! Am I famous now, or what? More »

He's Level 35 in Skyrim. He Makes Villagers Kill His Dragons.

Some pacifists are nice people who wouldn't harm an elf. Others would cast a spell on a town full of people and have the crowd beat the elf to a pulp.
The second kind of pacifist isn't really a pacifist, of course. More »

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Was My Favorite VGA Surprise

You can keep your Command & Conquer Generals 2 and The Last of Us; for me the biggest news out of the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards wasn't a new game but the return of something old: More »

Everything we Know about The Last of Us

Well, what do you know? The people who made Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter and Uncharted are now making something terrific-looking called The Last of Us.
The trailer for Naughty Dog's new PlayStation 3 game premiered on Saturday. More »

Behind the Music of Transformers and BioShock Infinites' Moving VGA Trailers

Ever since Epic's Gears of War plucked heartstrings with a cover of Tears for Fears' "Mad World" game creators have been attempting to recreate that magic, forging an emotional bond between gamers and game through evocative music. More »

How Do You Know When It's Time to Stop Playing Skyrim?

We all know that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a vast open-world game with the potential to keep players exploring new content until they grow old and gray. More »

Paper Toss Makes a Comeback as Paper Toss 2.0

One of the first games I played a ton of on the iPhone was Paper Toss, a simple little title where you had to throw paper in the bin while accounting for the blow of an office fan. More »

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