Would you trust a video game to teach you how to get out of a choke hold and fend off a mugger?

Self Defense Training Camp is a new Kinect controlled fitness game for the Xbox 360 that is designed to teach you to defend yourself. I was skeptical that it could work. The Kinect tracks your movements, but is this kind of thing really useful? (Watch the video above to find out.)

By familiarizing yourself with different moves and following the course work outs you may be able to learn a thing or two. But there's a catch. Self Defense Training Camp isn't strict. If you don't take it seriously, (and I imagine it's hard to do that) the only thing you will learn is how little the Kinect actually matters to the game play. More often then not, I could 5-star a class by swaying back and forth instead of doing the moves. You will, however, never forget to kick bad people in the groin.