Minecraft and LEGO. They're joined at the hip. Both involve blocks, building and imagination. And soon, if developers Mojang have their way, there'll be official Minecraft LEGO to consummate the relationship.

It's not, however, a foregone conclusion. Unlike properties such as Prince of Persia, Minecraft isn't just signing a deal and seeing the money start pouring in. It's instead going through LEGO's Cuuso program, which take suggestions from fans and turns the best/most popular into actual sets.

The Minecraft program is just one of the crowd of hopefuls, then, but being backed and organised by Mojang—and its millions of fans—it stands a better chance than most of the competition of being turned into LEGO.

And if it succeeds? The 1% commission the set's creators would normally receive from LEGO as part of the Cuuso program will be donated to charity.


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