Getting Ready | NORTH BEND, WASH: Nintendo of America readies stock for the holiday season. (Photo: Ted S. Warren | AP)

Reviewing Chun-Li's Giant Plastic Thighs (and Ryu's Giant Veiny Feet)

Square Enix's first two Street Fighter IV figures, based on series "heroes" Ryu and Chun-Li, have just hit shelves. Part of the company's Play Arts line, they're big, they're detailed and they're a little on the expensive side.
But are they any good?
They're certainly heavy, that's for sure. More »

This is the Worst Thing Nintendo Has Ever Done. Ever.

Nintendo has done some awesome things over the years, but it's done some awful things too. But this, this is the worst. Nintendo of America has spent what's probably a ton of money to get serious airtime in the video clip for a novelty Christmas single. More »

Making Japanese Swords Is Beautiful

The West might have been won with the Winchester. But Japan was ruled with the katana. It's not simply what the gun is to Americans, the sword is to the Japanese. More »

Holy Crap, What Happened to These Anime Schoolgirls?

Yu Kobayashi, that's what. The Japanese voice actress, known for her twisted drawings, sets her sights on schoolgirl rocker anime K-On!. This is the result.
Goodness, this is scary. More »

Army of Two's Sequel Is Not Army of Three

Army of Two is a 2008 co-op third-person shooter that allowed one player to control one of the mercenaries, while the other player controlled the second. More »

A Handy Guide for When a Game Is and isn't Being Sexist

When is a game being sexist? When is a game not being sexist? They're tricky topics to wade through with words.
Like most things in life, it's easier with a picture.
It's a rough guide, and applies more to fantasy games than, say, a puzzler, but you can make do!

When is it sexist? [Reddit] More »

Can You Trust FedEX with Your Nerdy Shipments?

Do not trust FedEx with your deliveries. I had shipped out a NES coffee table to someone who bought one, and upon receiving it, they ignored the "This side up" stickers and delivered it on it's side. More »

If You Say The Elder Scrolls Isn't For Women, This is What Happens...

He said he meant it as a joke. Just a silly line. But when critic Tom Bissell wrote that adult women probably haven't heard of The Elder Scrolls, he struck a nerve. More »

Check Out Mario Kart 7's Cool Multiplayer Community Options

Yesterday, I took a look at Mario Kart 7's online multiplayer, which is functional and easier to use than any past Kart game. Today, I wanted to show another cool feature of the game's multiplayer-the ability to make multiplayer communities.
Each player can make up to eight separate... More »

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