Coming this winter to Xbox Live Arcade, inXile Entertainment's Choplifter HD takes the classic rescue chopper gameplay of the 1982 PC original and "amps it up" with zombies, explosions, and the odd cameo. Fingers crossed for a classic mode!

First spotted in a 2009 trademark filing, Choplifter HD is now officially official, descending upon Xbox Live Arcade initially before making the jump to the PlayStation Network and PC. The original game in its many incarnations involved a combat helicopter pilot shooting his way into enemy territory, picking up prisoners of war, and delivering them safely to home base.

How does Choplifter HD mix things up, aside from the enhanced graphics?

"Choplifter HD takes everything we loved about the classic Choplifter game and amps it up with more choppers, more weapons, more rescues, lots of zombies and more over-the-top explosions to appeal to today's action-thirsty gamer," said Brian Fargo, president, inXile Entertainment. "We are thrilled to be partnering with gaming giant Konami on bringing Choplifter HD to the many millions of Xbox Arcade players."


I'm so very conflicted. The original sparked my love for helicopter video games, and Choplifter HD is definitely a helicopter video game, but the addition of zombies and an appearance by Duke just makes it feel so cheap. Can't we call it Choplifter Legacy or something? Ooo, Choplifter Revelations; that has a nice ring to it.

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