GINGER LUKE | An edible AT-AT from @blackmarketbake @discoverycube as seen on Twitter via ThinkGeek.

Norway Mass Killer May Be Declared Legally Insane

Confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was legally insane when he killed nearly 80 people, many children, during a bombing and shooting rampage in Norway in July, according to a psychiatric evaluation ordered by the court, the Associated Press reports.
Breivik, 32, said he claimed a modern... More »

Xbox 360 Becomes a FiOS Cable Box Next Month, Starting With 26 Channels

Starting next month with 26 channels, FioS customers will be able to start watching live cable TV through their Xbox 360s, the internet and cable provider said today.
To access the service customers will need to subscribe to both FiOS TV and FiOS Internet and be Xbox LIVE Gold members. More »

Should You Buy Mario Kart 7? Yes.

Nintendo has been on something of a roll so far this holiday season, releasing a fantastic new Zelda game for the Wii and a triumphant new Mario game for the 3DS.
This coming Sunday, the company will see if it can go three for three, releasing Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS handheld. More »

What Skyrim Could Learn from Skyward Sword

The Zelda Vs. Orc image from our calm, rational discussion on the merits of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim triumphantly returns for commenter SageofMusic's explanation of what makes the Zelda title a better game. More »

The Best Mods, Cheats and Tips for Skyrim

The game of Skyrim isn't just what's on the disc. It's not just questing through the woods, killing dragons and saving villagers.
The game of Skyrim is also the game of changing Skyrim, of transforming its graphics, adding more dragons or playing as a midget. More »

Roll 3D6 To Occupy Philadelphia

What do you mean we're not taking the occupy protests seriously enough? Some folks have even interrupted their weekly Dungeons & Dragons sessions to show their support. More »

This Super Mario Wedding Art Deserves a Star

Concept artist Larry Quach made the Batcave image I used for a piece on Arkham City's upcoming challenge maps DLC. But that's not the only video game-related creativity that the California resident's whipped up. More »

A Look at Mario Kart 7's Easy-To-Use Online Multiplayer

Looking back, there's an argument to be made that Mario Kart 64 was my first true multiplayer gaming obsession, more so than even Goldeneye 64. It was so much more fun to race against my friends than it was to race against the (frustrating, rubber banding) computer-the idea of online Mario... More »

Skyward Sword's Fall-Through-The-Floor Glitch Disappoints

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword excels at many things. It has great art direction, inspiring level design and so many other good qualities.
But it's fall-through-the-floor glitch is just not as good as the one in Assassin's Creed or the one Rage or the one in Batman: More »

Trolling Battlefield 3 Players with Some Well-Placed Explosives

There are plenty of videos out there showing just how "creative" Battlefield 3 players have gotten with the game's many explosives.
This particular video shows what lengths some people will go to do make a kill with an explosion... More »

The Evidence for Assassin's Creed III Being Set in America. Or China. Or India.

Where will the next Assassin's Creed take place? When will it take place?
You could guess off a survey, or you could consider the theories of Kotaku's biggest AC fans, one of whom claims to have seen Assassin's Creed III in action. More »

What's the Best Painting Inside a Video Game?

Some people think video games qualify as works of art. People like the Supreme Court. Like other great forms of cultural production, video games can hold references to and reproductions of other creations. More »

Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time Run Great On The Kindle Fire

Don't ask me how well it controls or even if it's worth the time to put these games onto your Kindle Fire. But I will say it's friggin awesome. Take Mario Kart 64 on the subway? More »

Twitter Responds to Fake Peter Molyneux, Offers To Reopen His Account

Peter Molyneux satire Twitter account remains shut down, but the man behind the parody Tweets tells Kotaku he's working with Twitter to try and get it back up and running.
The Peter Molydeux account, which parodies Lionhead game developer Peter Molyneux, was shut down earlier this month with no... More »

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