Two kids enjoy playing their stickered-up DSes outside on a sunny day in Japan. (Image by Miki Yoshihito; seen via Tiny Cartridge)

Resistance Site, Forums are Down; Hacking Alleged

Visitors to, the official site for the Resistance franchise of PS3 games, say the site was serving up malware yesterday. One of them alerted Insomniac Games, and now the entire site has been taken offline for maintenance. More »

Chaotic Conference Alignments Scramble College Football's Video Game, Too

Whether one of the NCAA's conferences swells to 22 or even 14 members, as the Southeastern Conference will next year, the uncertainty has the NCAA Football development team building several contingency plans, and facing a nightmare scenario in which the game released in July 2012 doesn't reflect the reality coming in August. More »

Grand Theft Minecart, the Minecraft Interpretation of the GTA V Trailer

Two weeks ago we brought you the virtuoso reenactment of Grand Theft Auto V's debut trailer, filmed within its spiritual ancestor, GTA: San Andreas. Now comes a stop-everything version created in Minecraft, as nearly all things are these days. More »

EA Smashes Battlefield's Banhammer With Relish

Possibly in response to the XP exploit discovered last week, Electronic Arts has touted the hundreds of summary bannings it has handed out in Battlefield 3 and said it has nooooo problem handing out more. You want to boost for XP repairing an EOD robot, you little shits? I've got your ass for the rest of your natural born life if you don't watch your step. More »

This Saints Row Sing-Along is a Motherf***in' Riot

At some point in Saints Row The Third the player's character tunes into "Mix 107.77" and Sublime's "What I Got" comes on. And then they sing along, male or female, in all eight of the voices you can give your character. More »

Warcraft's Richest 1% Control 24% of Azeroth's Gold, but You Don't See the Night Elves Bitching About It

With wealth distribution being a hot topic in the real world, one demographer/World of Warcraft enthusiast tried to derive what the income inequality is within Azeroth. The results of his survey of nearly 2,500 players—with an admittedly great margin of error—is that the wealthiest one percent in the game control 24.25 percent of its gold. More »

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