Mighty | SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The Power Rangers get an online game in Korea. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

How to Get Crazy Battlefield 3 Points (Shit's Broke?)

Hey EA, you might want to patch Battlefield 3, because there's apparently a game-breaking exploit. According to YouTube user DarkSydeGeoff, this is it. More »


Take a Look at Some of the Coolest Toys On Earth

There are plenty of great toy companies in the world. Kotobukiya, Kaiyodo, Hot Toys. But for my money, none are a shade on Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong's threeA.
Combining original figures with toys based on properties like Woods' World War Robot book/comic line, threeA's work is as slick and... More »

The Secret World of Character Costumes and the Japanese Women Who Wear Them

They pop up seemingly everywhere in Japan. They're called "yura kyara" in Japanese and refer to the local mascots dreamt up to promote cities, towns, and rural villages across the country. More »

Steam Forums Apparently Hacked

Last night, the forums for Valve's Steam service were apparently hacked. Redirects for a hacking website, Fkn0wned.com, appeared on the Steam Users' Forums, offering "hacking tutorials and tools, porn, free giveaways and much more."
It's not clear who hacked the forums, but Fkn0wned.com is denying... More »

Report: Masked Bandits Steal 6000 Copies of Modern Warfare 3

As if we needed reminding of how big a commercial event the release of a new Call of Duty game is, word comes from France that a truck full of copies of the game has been hijacked by professional thieves.
On Saturday the truck, driving through Créteil in southern Paris, was rammed by another... More »


The Best Gundam Models in Japan. Made by Fans

The world cup of Gundam plastic model making has been streamrolling Japan, impressing all "Gunpla", or "Gundam model", fans with impressive diorama and stand-alones. More »

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