Wham, Bam, Thanks M.O.D.A.M. That's not M.O.D.O.K. in drag. That's M.O.D.A.M., and she's an alternate costume in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. You can see many more alternates through Marvel's and Capcom's blogs.

The Sports Video Games of the Year

Rarely considered for overall video-game-of-the-year honors, the uncommon diversity of sports video games support a class of awards unique to the genre. These are Kotaku's Stick Jockey Sports Video Games of the Year. More »

Mass Effect 3 Beta Leaks On Xbox Live

Earlier today, a private, closed beta for Mass Effect 3 accidentally turned up on Xbox Live. The 1.8GB download gave users access to singleplayer and multiplayer sections of the game well ahead of the beta's 2012 public release. More »

BioWare Responds to Mass Effect Beta's Leak on Xbox Live

An egg-faced BioWare scrambled this morning to contain any damage done by last night's leak of the Mass Effect 3 closed beta to some subscribers on Xbox Live. The developer chalked it up to "human error" and ask that everyone please, please remember this is all unfinished stuff. More »

Full-Length Jonah Hill Modern Warfare 3 Ad has a Special Guest Star at the End

Here's the 90-second version of Modern Warfare 3's "The Vet and the N00b," starring Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill (whose most recent flick, Moneyball featured a cameo by Activision top dog Bobby Kotick.) Keep your eyes peeled until the end, when a guy who's got nothing better to do right now shows up. More »

See the Grand Theft Auto V Trailer, Set in the Original San Andreas

This is an impressive side-by-side staging of the Grand Theft Auto V trailer with a virtuoso representation of its shots in San Andreas. Seen in this way, it really does feel like Rockstar is making its next game true to its roots. More »

Pirates Unwelcome at Swedish Games Expo

Sweden's Pirate Party had a booth all paid for at this weekend's Gamex, the nation's largest video games expo, until someone from Gamex came to their senses, phoned the pirates and said GTFO. The real head-scratcher is why, as Piratpartiet says, they were invited in the first place. More »

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