No Water | NEW YORK: Philipe Blond and David Blond dressed as gremlins for Halloween. (Photo: Jemal Countess | Getty)

These Hand-Made Video Game Statues are Works of Art

Slovenian toy builder Samo Kramberger has a gift. He sees a video game he likes, he takes some clay, and he recreates the characters, down to the finest detail. More »

Bengus' Capcom Game Art Will Knock Your Teeth Out

Since I've started a thing lately with Capcom artists, I may as well finish it by spending a morning showing off the work of Bengus.
A bit of an enigma, Bengus' art has been a big part of Capcom's fighting games since 1987, with almost every title and series from the original Street Fighter through... More »

Prisoner Builds Swords. Final Fantasy Swords.

A prisoner serving a sentence in Monmouthshire, Wales has been found to be in possession of an extensive arsenal of bladed weapons. The thing is, they're all fake. More »

When Cosplay Photography Is Sad and Melancholy

The cosplayers get all the acclaim and adoration. Ask any cosplayer, though, and he or she will tell you: Good photographers are key.
This is why some high profile Japanese cosplayers are reluctant to allow photographers that they don't usually work with to snap their photos. More »

The Depressing World of Unemployed Nerds

You might have a job. You might be between jobs or you might be out of one entirely. Same goes for many in Japan. But what they spend their unemployment checks on might differ from what their counterparts do elsewhere. More »

Three Sony Photos You'll Want To Photoshop

The photos, courtesy of website Game Watch Impress, depict the Sony 3D headset-something we have seen before. What we haven't seen is how goofy people look while wearing it and playing PS3 games-especially with peripherals. More »

EA Says it's Totally Not Spying On You

Publisher Electronic Arts has spoken out against allegations from German gamers-and the respected newspaper Spiegel-that its Origin online service is "spying" on consumers.
Spiegel has highlighted the fact that some components of Origin's license agreement could potentially violate... More »

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