Salutations on Samhain, Kotakuites. Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which means that many of you are nursing candy hangovers after dressing up this weekend. Some good-to-great game- and nerd-themed Halloween costumes wound up in our inbox over the last week or so and we've decided to share them with you. The images in the gallery contain working flamethrowers, real-world 8-bit characters and Kotaku's very own Lisa Foiles as a bad-ass Princess Peach. Lots of dedication in these photos.

If you want more info on the folks in the gallery, follow the links below:
Chainsaw Ganado
Fully Functional Nikon Camera Costume
Headcrab costume from Half-Life 2
Isaac Clarke from Dead Space
Lisa Foiles
Mad Moxxi
Toadette (Daughter of Handmade 3D's Ellen)
The Walking Dead


And, for those of you with costume pics of your own, feel free to post them in the comments below. Be sure to check out our gaming pumpkin gallery to round out the festivities.

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