Bills | Mountain View, CA: A customer shelled out cash for GTA IV in this 2008 pic. (Photo: Paul Sakuma | AP)

Grand Theft Auto V To Be Revealed Next Week

On November 2, Rockstar will release the debut trailer for the fifth main game in the Grand Theft Auto series, according to the developer's site.
With the title previously unconfirmed, the above logo is our first official glimpse of anything to do with the game, though there have been strong... More »

This Guy's Art Is Bananas. Literally.

By day, Keisuke Yamada is an electrician. By night, he's a master banana artist, peeling, sculpting, and, yes, eating.
While Yamada's art might not be the most beautiful you'll see, it is the most delicious. More »

From Left 4 Dead to Resident Evil, This Lady Loves Zombies

For the past 15 years, Sweden's Yami has been cosplaying. While others might favor cool or cute characters, Yami specializes in zombies, gore, and the stuff of nightmares. More »

This Guy Cheated to get an Achievement (But He Did It in Style)

There's an achievement you can get in Gears of War 3 that can be earned by playing a piano 2000 times. That's a lot of button pressing, so LEGO builder Guy Himber set to work on a less strenuous solution.
He built this LEGO rig that would both hold his 360 controller and press the required buttons,... More »

The Game That Started the Battlefield Series

The first Battlefield game, Battlefield 1942, was released in 2002. Nearly ten years ago! Yet while it was the first game to bear the branding that lives on to this day with Battlefield 3, depending on how you look at it, it's not really the first game in the series.
That honour goes to a PC game... More »

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