Mega | TOKYO, JAPAN: Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune attended a Dead Rising event in Tokyo. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

Here's Harrison Ford. Playing Uncharted. [Updated]

National treasure Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, your childhood) has popped up in an unlikely place: A Japanese television commercial for Uncharted 3. More »

The Spies, Soldiers and Sexy Ladies of Splinter Cell: Conviction

Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction lived two very public lives. The first had Sam Fisher looking like the sexiest homeless man on the planet. That version was binned. More »

She's Been a Bad, Bloody Girl

Cosplayer Omi Gibson, perhaps best known for her Metal Gear work, is no one trick pony. Her repertoire includes obscure characters like Super Galdelic Hour's Toko and Thrill Kill's Belladonna, along with a willingness to cover herself in fake blood. More »

Here's What Battlefield 3 Looks Like On the Xbox 360

Throughout its public relations cycle, DICE's Battlefield 3 was shown only on PC and, later, PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 version was kept under the stairs, beaten weekly and fed fish heads and stale water.
That led many to assume it was a hideous thing, but if these screenshots from the Korean... More »

Hollywood's Secret Japanese Commercials Are no Longer Secret

In the West, you know them as movie stars. They're larger than life. Even appearing on television often seems beneath them. But in Japan, they're more than happy to sell you crap. More »

Sega Now Location Testing Toilets

Remember Toirettsu? It's a toilet, outfitted with mini-games. As Sega Toys pointed out, "You're able to game with pee!" Finally!
The contraption is outfitted with mini-games, and there is a sensor that can apparently measure the speed of one's urine stream. More »

Vietnam was Hell, not a Series of Green Corridors

Vietnam is a war that still looms large in the American psyche, both in terms of its impact on modern history and its portrayal in popular culture. Yet for all the protests, rock n' roll and classic films that came out of the war, good Vietnam video games are hard to find.
This is mostly because... More »

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