Rising | TOKYO, JAPAN: Capcom recently showed off Dead Rising: Off the Record. (Photo: Game Watch Impress )

Should You Buy Batman: Arkham City? YES

Rocksteady's follow-up to its acclaimed 2009 Batman: Arkham City is a fantastic sequel. It'll be out soon for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (and on PC this November). More »

Beleaguered Final Fantasy XIV Reborn with Version 2.0

Online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV's launch was an enormous disappointment. Not only did Square Enix president Yoichi Wada apologize for the game and boot the original team from the project, he also said FFXIV had damaged the Final Fantasy brand. More »

Felicia Day's Dragon Age II Character Tallis Needs a Virtual Fashion Makeover—Here's How She Should Look!

Iris Ophelia's ongoing review of virtual world and MMO fashion
This week BioWare released the latest downloadable add-on for Dragon Age II, Mark of the Assassin, timed with the start of Felicia Day's highly anticipated Dragon Age: More »

Zelda Fans Made These Incredible Cartoons (on a DS!)

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series, Nintendo asked fans to submit some Flipnote videos to the franchise's official website. More »

Take Your Console Games on the Road With the GAEMS G155

Most of you are probably like me. You get a console, you plug it into a big TV, maybe a surround sound system as well, and that's where it stays. Forever.
Some of you, though, are nomads. More »

Gaming With The iPhone 4S (And Proof Siri Can't Understand A Proper Scottish Accent)

"What is Ubisoft," I ask Siri. The only reason I ask that question is I have an package from Ubisoft on my desk. And I have no imagination.
"Would you like to do a websearch for ‘You Be Soft'," replies Siri.
"Try talking in a proper Scottish accent," says Tracey, sitting beside me. More »

The DS Game, Japan Will Forgive. The Sexy Orgy, It Won't.

One thing I've never understood is why people care what others do with their fellow consenting adults. Unless it, say, wrecks their home. Yet, people do care, especially who their politicians are bonking. More »

This has Been a Sad Year for Football Games

Owen was right. I don't think sports games are worth reviewing. But the battle between FIFA and Pro Evo, the biggest annual contest not just in sports but in all of gaming, is too big to ignore.
Having played both of this year's games, then, I figured I'd write something up on the state of both. More »

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