Cosgallery is "cosplay" meets "gallery". But the works decorating the gallery are real, and they're trying to sell you stuff.

Recently held in Tokyo, Cosgallery let visitors wander two floors of cosplayer booths. The cosplayers offered their self-published ROMs or discs with photos on them. And they did that in costume.


The reason why the cosplayers are in costume is that visitors who want to take photos while visiting Cosgallery must register their camera for ¥1,000 ($13) and then pay a small fee to photograph the cosplayers.

You, dear reader, can then view those photos (here, taken by website Asagawo Blog) on the internet for free.

Since some cosplay is lurching towards softcore porn, don't be surprised to see provocative poses and outfits.

-サークルの様子 その1-, その2- [アサガヲBlog]

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