Minecraft X Cake - An opportunity to post about Minecraft and video game cakes? Sounds like a Kotaku trap! (Seen at Gourmet Gaming)

NBA 2K12: The Kotaku Review

Midway through an early season Hornets-Heat contest the screen cuts to a promotion telling me Friday night, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers take on the Denver Nuggets at Staples Center. More »

Scribblenauts, the Video Game that Seems Like a Magic Trick, is Pretty Good on iOS

The premise and the promise of Scribblenauts always was extraordinary: write any noun (concrete noun, no proper names) into the game and the virtual object it represents will appear. More »

When A Pokemon Game Becomes a Dungeon Crawler (I Might Actually Play It)

I've never been able to get Pokemon. I've tried, first through the cartoons, reviews and endless fan sites, and then by finally biting the bullet and playing through an entire game. Still nothing. So when I had a chance to check out the first Pokemon coming to the 3DS, it wasn't exactly at the top... More »

How to Unlock Halo's Warthog In Forza 4

Despite the fact you can't drive it in the game, Forza 4 includes a Warthog from the Halo series, viewable in the game's gorgeous Autovista mode. If getting access to this is the first thing you plan on doing, well, here's how you do it. More »

What Zelda Is

I got a message from a reader the other day. He noticed that I write a lot of articles about Zelda games (like this one and this one, both about the new Zelda, Skyward Sword). More »

How A Classic MMO Survived A Disastrous Launch

Ten years ago, I began my career in the gaming industry by signing on to help with the imminent launch of Dark Age of Camelot. That game and its team still holds a special place in my heart, though most of the founders from that day have went their seperate ways. More »

Ugly, Brutal, and Strangely Satisfying, The Cursed Crusade Hits Me Where It Hurts

Necessary roughness A little-known title from an unproven developer being released at the budget price of $39.99, The Cursed Crusade doesn't seem to have a lot going for it, but in the ringing of an iron mace against an enemy's plate-covered head, I found promise. More »

How PopCap "Acquired" EA

At GDC online this morning, PopCap co-founder John Vechey gave a keynote in which he discussed PopCap evolution from a PC game company into a social game company, and how embracing change has allowed them to grow and thrive in a shifting industry. More »

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