Gather round, take my hand, and we'll journey to a special place, where mobile games roam and people tend to groan because we never have any games for Android. Don't worry, they'll eventually be Android games too!

Did you like the song? I'm not sure what tune to set it to, but perhaps one of the two music-related titles in this week's Gaming App of the Day round-up can help us come up with something. If not, then we've still got a basketball title, a pixel platformer, and another damn elevator repair game. Come on people, think outside the box!

As for Android and Windows Phone 7 games, I've just swapped my iPhone 4 for a Samsung Galaxy S II (though my timing could have been better, sorry Steve). Perhaps the easy access to the Android Market will make it easier to find something fresh and new for the platform.

After next week's iPhone game, which is pretty damn amazing.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Pixel Ranger For iPhone Is Old School Arcade Action Getting By On Good Looks & Charm

Pixel Ranger for iPhone and iPad feels as deep, engaging and modern as most Atari 2600 games, a CMYK-colored blend of Pitfall! meets Galaga, light on substance, heavy on visual charm. More »

Slam Dunk King: Chop off my Legs and Arms? Still Dunking

It's a sign of the iPhone's growing maturity as a platform that I can now have a favourite iOS developer. And that developer is PikPok. More »

Play Through This Music Video

Bullseye may not have a score, an objective, a plot, but it's an application begging to be played with. A music video that's made better by your poking, tilting and curiosity. More »

Getting Shafted was Never This Much Fun

In, Mechanic Panic, you're an elevator maintenance guy on his worst and, inevitably, last day of the job. You will die. The question it poses is how will you choose to spend it? Saving your own skin? Or trying to save others? More »

Create Your Own Musical Villages With the Lovely Isle of Tune HD

Take one part Sim City, one part Rock Band, and one part music sequencer and you've pretty much got Isle of Tune, which was released today for the iPad. It's not quite a "game," but it's still totally cool enough to merit consideration for our Gaming App of the Day. More »