Custom toy creator KodyKoala, who you've seen here once or twice (or thrice!) , is back with another great piece based on the Mushroom Kingdom.

And it's a Mushroom Kingdom gone bad.

Luigi has eaten a zombie mushroom and turned flesh-eater, depicted here trying to eat his brother's face off and wear his guts for garters (zombies having antiquated fashion sense). To defend himself, Mario has a trusty pipe, a knife and a pistol, which for some reason is holstered.

No Mario, no. If there's ammo in that pistol, use the pistol. Inviting a zombie to dance up close is dancing with fate itself.


If you're interested in buying the piece, it can be found (along with a ton of other gaming mash-ups) in KodyKoala's store.

Kodykoala's Custom Mario and Zombie Luigi [KodyKoala, via Tomopop]

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