Heart | TOKYO, JAPAN - An Akihabara retailer has a special bundle for PS3 game ToHeart2: DX Plus. (Photo: AkibaOS)

Kotobukiya and the Art of Kick-Ass Figure Making

Lots of countries make statues and figurines. Lots of countries make excellent ones, too. Yet, there is something about Japanese sculpted figures of game and anime characters that's so damn good. More »

The Sexy, Colourful Art of DMC, Enslaved and Heavenly Sword

From the first time I saw Heavenly Sword concept art in an old copy of Edge, right through to their work today, I've been a big, big fan of the art team over at Ninja Theory. More »

Last Week, I Killed the Red Baron In my Living Room

What a coincidence. No sooner does Crecente spend the weekend playing tabletop games than I go and do something similar. Only instead of fighting a messy, dirty ground war, I took to the skies with Fantasy Flight Games' Wings of War.
Why? More »

What Osama bin Laden and Metal Gear Solid Have in Common

On Sept. 11, 2001, the world changed forever. Al-Qaeda, the organization Osama bin Laden created, carried out attacks that left thousands dead. The impact was felt around the world. More »

A Street Fighter II Painting So Small, It Could Fit on a Fingernail

Hadouken! Self-styled retro game artist Maya Pixelskaya painted Ryu unleashing a "wave motion fist" and Chun-Li pulling off a spinning bird kick-on her fingernail. More »

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