Pocketed | OSAKA, JAPAN - A drawer of Pocket Monster toys. Found in Mini-Bash's room. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft | Instagram)

Japan Launched Gears of War 3 with Idols You Can... *Ahem*

Ayaman Japan is a trio of girls who love to party. There's Ayaman, the outfit's leader and "Crotch Boss" (the group also has a "Boob Boss" and an "Ass Boss"). More »

Mass Effect's Meanest Ass-Kicker Comes Alive

To help give their Mass Effect cosplay a little more professional edge, the team at Crabcat Industries commissioned master craftsman Neil Gambini to make this Garrus mask. More »

When Pokémon Comparisons Don't Piss You Off

The idea of raising monsters and then having them fight didn't start with Pokémon. In 1992's Dragon Quest V, players could select monsters and have them duke it out. More »

And the iPhone Games Keep Looking Better, and Better, and Better

Gears of War may not be available on Apple's iOS devices, but you can get what looks to be the next best thing with Shadowgun.
While the Gears similarities are everywhere (especially in the design of your character's suit), as is often the case with iPhone games it can be excused when it looks... More »

When Almost Killing a Girl with Saran Wrap Is Going too Far

It was horrifying. A young man with chemically curled hair and hipster glasses dumped the mummified body on the apartment floor. The 22-year-old girl was wrapped countless times in Saran wrap. More »

The Delightful Home-Made Maps of the Zork Series

Zork is one of the oldest adventure game franchises there is. The series is so old, in fact, that aside from a few rare instances you can only play the games using, and seeing, text. More »

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