This week our own Owen Good took a moment to remind us that our Gaming App of the Day feature isn't just about the gaming apps we love. It's also about Haraka.

With so many good gaming apps dropping every week across several different mobile platforms, there are times we stumble across something that's not up to par and pass it up for something better, so it takes a particularly foul gameplay experience to make it as a bad Gaming App of the Day. Owen compares this phenomenon to Adolf Hitler winning Time's Man of the Year award in 1938.

I guess that makes Haraka the Hitler of gaming apps. Man, that would be an awesome box quote.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Radballs Is, Like, A Totally Rad Rhythm Puzzle Game for iOS

A little bit of Lumines influence, a touch of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo design and an audiovisual presentation thick with '80s nostalgia make Radballs stand out from the iPhone and iPad puzzle game crowd. More »

My Horse is Nintenhorse In all but Name

NaturalMotion, best known for its Euphoria engine (GTAIV, Red Dead Redemption) and its own titles like football game Backbreaker, has recently released something a little tamer. More »

Grazing Goats From a Llama-Loving Game Maker

Goat Up is a love letter to perhaps the one genre of game that game maker Jeff Minter and his team at Llamasoft had never made: The platformer. More »

A Reimagined Pong to Drive You Up a Wall

The title of this feature, 'Gaming App of the Day," may be a little misleading. It's intended to be an honor about as much as Time's "Person of the Year" is, and remember, that thing went to Hitler in 1938. As we can't tell you if a game's good until we've played it, we're primarily looking for one that is current. That is about the only criteria Haraka satisfies for inclusion. More »

The Beautiful, Mysterious Classic Another World is Reborn on iOS

Silence and danger; stark, foreboding mystery, and the wonders of a truly alien world. Eric Chahi's Another World stands as one of the great video games of the 1990's, a testament to the power of one man's creative vision. It was a game that was so far ahead of its time that many of today's releases still haven't caught up. And now, it's available on both iPhone and iPad. More »