Phat | TOKYO, JAPAN - A model shows off the Nintendo DS in Oct. 2004. (Photo: Katsumi Kasahara | AP)

New Counter-Strike Incorporates Old Mod

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is Valve's retooling of the classic team-based first-person shooter Counter-Strike. Today, Valve revealed that the game will include "Arsenal Mode", which is based on the popular Counter-Strike: More »

How Did Sony Get Away With Its New Terms of Service?

Sony's new PS3 terms of service are designed to stop the company being hit with class-action suits, and having to front juries, which care about little things like the right of the consumer over the operations of multi-billion dollar corporations.
So how did the company get away with legally... More »

To Catch a Game Thief

Late this spring in Kyoto, an 8-year-old kid left his gaming pouch in the restroom at his local supermarket. The pouch contained a portable game machine and some games. More »

Gabe Newell Knows When the Next Half-Life is Coming. He Just Can't say it via Haiku.

Valve boss Gabe Newell has a history of replying directly to emails from the public, so there's a good chance this exchange with an impatient Half-Life fan is for real. More »

There's an Uncharted 3 PS3 Bundle, With not a Hideous Controller In Sight

Sony will be releasing an Uncharted 3 hardware bundle in the US that includes the system and a game. Mercifully, Japan's hideous Uncharted 3 controller is nowhere to be seen.
It's just a straight-up black console (320GB) with a straight-up, single black DualShock 3. More »

The Horror and the Glory of Japan's 1987 Star Wars Video Game

Remember how in May we looked at the bizarre manual of the Japan-only release of Star Wars on the Famicom?
Today is as good a day as any to look at the actual game. More »

This Video Game Art Is Entirely Off-Topic (Sorry, Darksiders Fans!)

Thought I'd try something a little different with today's Fine Art. Instead of showing the art of a video game, I thought I'd show off some of the art of video game artists.
Which aren't always the same thing!
On the night of Friday, Sept. More »

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