A former comic book artist, Andy Park is one of the main men to thank if you liked the look of the last two God of War games, as he was a senior concept artist on both God of War II and God of War III.

That means many of the series' classically-inspired nasties, as well as some of its most impressive vistas, are to be found in this gallery of concept art for the series.


If you think you've heard the name before and aren't a God of War fan, you're probably a Tomb Raider fan; Park was an artist on Lara Croft's comic debut in 1999, the series' #1 issue becoming, if you can believe it, the best-selling comic of the entire year.

To see more of Park's stuff, check out his personal site.

To see the larger pics in all their glory, either click the "expand" icon on the gallery screen or right click and "open link in new tab".


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