After the whole Final Fantasy XIII hullabaloo, a FF break was in order. The world didn't get that. It got Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Perhaps, FFXIII-2 is fantastic—I haven't played it yet, so I wouldn't know. There's some much hanging over the title, like Final Fantasy's good name and the crushing disappointment of FFXIII.


This Lightning FFXIII-2 figure on the other hand. It has nothing to live up to. Square Enix makes nice Play Arts figurines, but they're not overhyped and shoved down your throat. If anything, they're tasteful and understated. As is this posable Lightning.

I may like Final Fantasy XIII-2. I may not. I do like this figure.

Goes on sale this winter, and its list price is around US$65.

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 プレイアーツ改 ライトニング (フィギュア) [1999]

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