New Hardware | TOKYO, JAPAN - Sony shows off its new tablets (Photo: Koji Sasahara | AP)

Mass Effect 3 Screenshots Don't Take Shit From Mechs or Evil Space Robots

So I saw Mass Effect 3 the other day in Germany, and wasn't allowed to take pictures. No matter. Here are pictures of some of the stuff I saw, complete with giant MASS EFFECT 3 watermarks on them.
Just in case you forgot what game we were talking about here. More »

The Amazing Concept Art of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

It's the flavour of the week here at Kotaku, and to echo Kirk's glowing review, every second I've been awake and not working I've been walking up to people and saying hello there have yo-ELBOW KNIVES.
So now is as good a time as any to look at some of the gorgeous concept art for Deus Ex: More »

Sony Bringing A Buttload of New PS Vita Games to the Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show hasn't kicked off yet, but if Sony's unannounced line-up is any indication, you might as well call the show the PS Vita Game Show. More »

The End is Nigh For LA Noire's Developers

Despite (finally) shipping a successful product, it seems allegations of shoddy work practices and claims that no major publisher would work with the team has brought about the end of LA Noire developers Team Bondi.
A report on Australian business site Smart Company, citing Australian Securities... More »

Sony's First PlayStation Tablet Out This Month, Costs $500

To go with its PlayStation Phone, Sony will soon be releasing a pair of wild and wacky PlayStation-certified tablet computers as well. Which, as of today, have most of their release info locked down.
The S1, which is the more traditional tablet of the two, will go on sale later this month for $500. More »

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