Watching a supposed mobile camera capture from the ruins of the ousted Gaddafi regime in Libya, Dutch site InsideGamer spotted something strange. Seems Colonel Gaddafi's fifth son, Moatassem-Billah Gaddafi, might be the world's biggest Prince of Persia fan.

Skip to around 1:35 in the video above and you'll see Mutassim - the country's national security advisor - had a giant reproduction of the cover art to Ubisoft's 2004 platformer Prince of Persia: Warrior Within adorning the walls of his personal palace. Not an action figure, not a bust, a wall-sized version of the cover art to an old video game.


How kooky. Most people prefer the game's predecessor, Sands of Time. Not Moatassem-Billah Gaddafi, whose dad's regime lies in tatters following months of open rebellion against his 41-year totalitarian rule.

Since this is blurry mobile phone footage uploaded directly to YouTube, and not a news report, we can't confirm it's definitely there. Given how random a sequence of events it is, though, it'd be the funniest fake internet video I've seen in a long time if it was fabricated.

Hey, Libyan rebels! If you're gonna bust into a Gaddafi's palace, bring a better camera next time!

You can see the cover art as it originally appeared here.


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