Chainsword | TOKYO, JAPAN - A PSP event at a legendary Japanese club.

Where Can You Find Nazis, EVE Online and the Beautiful Adrift all In the one Spot?

Why, right here of course, in the latest instalment of Fine Art, Kotaku's daily look at the concept art of video games.
Today we're admiring the work of French artist Michel Koch, currently an art director at Dontnod Entertainment, developers of the wonderful-looking Adrift, and a man who has... More »

This Metal Gear Solid Cosplay Is Just Like Starting Over

Where the hell is Metal Gear Solid: Rising? Who the hell knows. Well, Konami knows. While you wait for the game's vital signs, feast your eyes on these photos. More »

Panties and Long Lines, All Aboard!

Japan loves trains. It also loves anime. What happens when you combine the two? Long lines and panties.
Popular anime K-On!, which follows the adventures of a schoolgirl band, is getting a feature film this December. More »

There Were Worse Mario Cartoons Than the American One

It has a certain nostalgic charm, yeah, but lets face it, the American Super Mario Bros. cartoons were pretty terrible. Poorly animated, poorly written, poorly voiced.
Next to the Japanese Mario cartoon, though, the American version looks like it was made by Disney.
Premièring around the same time... More »

Madden's Low-Magnitude "Superstar" Isn't Much to Gaze At

Simulation-quality sports video games all now ship with some kind of solo career mode, in which you create or control one player throughout his entire career. More »

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