Nesting | TOKYO, JAPAN: A PC gaming event brought out the inflatable dragon. (Photo: でんぱ | Kotaku Japan)

Vintage Metroid Cosplay Doesn't Need the Third Dimension

We usually salute the best in cosplay craftsmanship (or craftswomanship!) here on Fancy Pants. Or the best in photography, or modelling. It's not often we salute the best in ideas. More »

This Man Brings StarCraft to Life

Mike Nash is a talented artist. He's also a shy, humble guy. Mike's friend Adam isn't nearly as shy and was more than happy to direct our attention to Mike's StarCraft fan art. More »

Cat-Killing Jimmy Carter and Nintendo's Strange Offer

Nintendo is offering 3DS owners the chance to get the 39th President's cat, an offer made all the more macabre because our 39th President, Jimmy Carter, once killed a cat. More »

Pin-Up Quitter Gets Crazy, Sings Song, and Flashes Butt Cheeks

The last Kotaku heard of Chiaki Takahashi, the voice actress canceled a book of underwear photos because of the earthquake. But that was April. This, this is not. More »

It's Hip to be This Nintendo Legend

He may not sit in the limelight like some of the company's other legendary names like Miyamoto, Yokoi or Iwata, but make no mistake: Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka is one of the most important men to have ever worked at Nintendo.
Especially if you like music. More »

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