Pixel Wars - Pixel artist Weasly Grizzly shows Han on a good day (and a bad one).

When Pokémon Got a Little Too Nazi Germany

Pokémon. It's a card (and video) game for kids. You capture monsters, they faint a lot, it's all good, clean, harmless fun. Right?
Well, mostly. Except for a few occasions where the series has been in trouble in the West for allegedly using Nazi imagery.
Since the franchise debuted in the 1990s,... More »

From Bikini Idol to Bloody Wrestler

Yuzuki Aikawa made her name as a pin-up model, appearing in glossies. The curvy bikini model also worked as a race queen, before joining an idol group and releasing a CD. More »

This Raiden Statue Wins. Flawless Victory. Toytality.

When Syco Collectibles showed off their line of Mortal Kombat statues the other day, sadly one of the main attractions, a Raiden piece, wasn't done. He is now!
These shots show you can...take his hat off. More »

It's the New Counter-Strike's Debut Trailer

In case you need a little visual reference to go with Totilo's extensive hands-on with Valve's latest shooter, here's a debut trailer for the upcoming Counter Strike: More »

Nintendo's Helpful Advice On Where to Get Tips For Your Games

Nintendo's Power Line used to be amazing. In the days before the internet it was personalised gaming assistance. Like Gamefaqs turning up at your door with a hint lying elegantly on a silver platter.
You'd punch in a phone number, get help, then your parents would foot the enormous bill, at zero... More »

The RPG That Parties Like It's 1991

Sick of "modern" role-playing games and their fancy graphics engines and free-flowing first-person perspective? Why not try Legend of Grimrock. It's like a breath of stale air (but I don't mean that in a bad way!).
Developed by indie studio Almost Human, it's a quaint throwback to the days of... More »

Print Off Your Own Badass Game Covers

As someone who has printed more than one of these off for use in my own collection, I thought it was high time to highlight the great work that's been (and is being) done over in this NeoGAF thread, where users are designing their own high-resolution PS3 game covers.
These haven't been focus-tested... More »

Minecraft Socks are Way Cooler Than You Think

Swedish feet-glove purveyors Happy Socks have teamed up with Minecraft developers Mojang to offer a range of...socks based on the hit world-building game. More »

The Luscious Art of Trine 2

Normally here on Fine Art, we showcase the fruits of video game artists working on titles that are already out. That's not the case today.
Instead, we're getting a look at the art of an upcoming title, and a beautiful one to boot: More »

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Vs. the Retro Game Master

When not playing old video games, Shinya Arino is cracking jokes on Japanese variety shows. And when he's not doing that, he's doing other things, like commenting on Scott Pilgrim Vs. More »

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