EA has released six sharp new screenshots from their upcoming SSX, featuring the return of famous SSX-ers Mac, Elise, Kaori, and Psymon. I got a chance to play some early SSX single-player at E3, and I came away impressed. It had been a while since the days of my Tricky obsession, but the push, pull, and sway of the game came back to me remarkably quickly.

More interesting than the simple single-player map I played was the hands-off demo of an avalanche-race, which took advantage of the engine's impressive snow physics. Players race down a mountain while being pursued by a tsunami of snow, trying to make it past waypoints to earn a higher and higher score. It looked… well, it looked pretty awesome.


With the latest trailer looking none-too-shabby, I for one am looking forward to seeing and playing more of SSX.

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