Mysterious | TOKYO, JAPAN: Fifteen meters worth of posters for 3DS game Nazo Waku Yakata adorn Shinjuku Station. (Photo: Famitsu)

Hands On with the Diablo III Beta Blizzard won't be the only one potentially making a profit on Diablo III. Anyone who plays the dark fantasy hack and slash game could, thanks to its Auction House, a new in-game service that allows players to buy and sell loot not just for virtual gold, but for cold, hard cash.

This Cosplay Will Curbstomp Your Face In Meagan Marie works for Crystal Dynamics on the Tomb Raider series. You probably know her better, though, as one of the most talented cosplayers (and costume builders) in the world.

The Sites (and Booth Companions) of China's Biggest Show ChinaJoy is the country's biggest game show. It wrapped up on July 31, and showcased a whole host of PC games.

Diablo III Mods Are Forbidden, Banned, Not Allowed One of the cornerstones of PC gaming is the modding scene. The best games embrace this. The good ones at least let you play with certain aspects of a game. The stupid ones try and ban them outright.

When Disgustingly Sexual Art & Adventure Games Came Together Despite having worked on everything from furniture design to rock concert props (and even directing his own films), Swiss artist H.R. Giger is best known for two things: his concept work for Ridley Scott's Alien, and his overtly sexual paintings.

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