Nice Suit | TOKYO, JAPAN: Xbox Japan's honcho checks out Kinect at a recent event. (Photo: Game Impress Watch)

Nintendo President Takes Blame for 3DS, Getting 50 Percent Pay Cut Today in Tokyo, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata addressed shareholders regarding the Nintendo 3DS. For Nintendo, things have been better.

Warcraft III -Inspired Heroes of Newerth Goes Free-To-Play Multiplayer, action role-playing game Heroes of Newerth is now free-to-play, with developer reorganizing the Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients inspired game to include three types of accounts, developer S2 Games tells Kotaku.

Is China a Little Less Joyous This Year? ChinaJoy, the country's biggest online game convention, is less for video games and more for something else: ladies in skimpy outfits.

Settle In With the Multi-Talented Art of Quentin Marmier A lot of the time here on Fine Art, we feature the work of an artist who does one thing. They might do character art, or level design, that sort of thing. So it's great today to showcase the work of Quentin Marmier.

The Long, Strange History Of Video Games Sponsoring Football Teams Summer pre-season trips are underway, the transfer market is in full swing and Wayne Rooney is back once again on the cover of a FIFA game. Yes, it's time for another season of European football.

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