Puyo Puyo!! | TOKYO, JAPAN: Members of idol group Idoling!!! at a promotional event for Sega's latest puzzler. (Photo: 4Gamer)

Is This the World's Oldest Gamer? Old people play video games. By old, maybe that means sixty years old? Seventy? How about 99 years old.

This Concept Art Has a Demon's Soul In addition to a bunch of other stuff, Hong Kong artist Michael Ting Yu Chang has also done some video game work with Japanese developers From Software.

Mortal Kombat Statues for Differing Tastes and Budgets Collectible company Syco have picked up a license to release Mortal Kombat statues, so release some Mortal Kombat statues they shall.

The Uncanny Valley is Now Scientific Fact The notion of the "Uncanny Valley", where artificial people are more disturbing the closer they come to "reality", has been around for ages. But now, thanks to a research team in San Diego, it's bonafide science.

The Real History of the Triforce It's one of the most iconic designs in the history of video games: three golden triangles combined to form a single larger one. The Triforce. The object that lies at the heart of The Legend of Zelda.

Almost bought some fireworks today. But, sadly, I did not. Tomorrow, perhaps! –Brian Ashcraft

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