Joyland, a theme park in China built with massive (if unlicensed) tributes to the video games of Blizzard Entertainment, has actually opened its doors. People are going on the rides. And taking photos.

In true Oh China fashion, the StarCraft section has been renamed Universe of Starship, while the World of Warcraft sections are even better, having been christened Terrain of Magic.

Website Shanghaiist paid Joyland a visit and blogged all about it, noting that while some parts of the park were actually quite impressive, it seems to have been shoddily built, as despite having only been open for a few weeks already there was "general decay" and "cracks in paint and rust on handrails".

There's a few pics above, but plenty more (including a full site report) at the link below.

World Joyland: The Warcraft/Starcraft-themed amusement park [Shanghaiist, via TIME]