Gotta Dance | TOKYO, JAPAN: Microsoft showed off the game this week at a Tokyo health club. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

No More Heroes Cosplay Has a Heroic and Revealing Bodysuit When she's not cosplaying as Metal Gear Solid characters, Omi Gibson is cosplaying as No More Heroes characters. And when she's not doing that, she's cosplaying as other things.

The Regal Video Game Art of Nadia Mogilev You know, this being video games and all, most of the concept art we feature shows men with guns, or destroyed landscapes or sometimes men with swords. Today, we'll change that. Well. Mostly.

When Nintendo Is Your Penpal Remember life before email? Like when people wrote letters? On paper? Kotaku reader Matthew does. Because during the early 1990s, he was a little kid writing them to Nintendo.

Can Anyone Replace Hello Kitty? In 1975, a coin purse featuring an expressionless cat with its head turned sideways and sitting next to a fish bowl went on sale in Japan. The company was Sanrio. The designer was Yuko Yamaguchi. The cat became known as "Kitty-chan", and outside Japan as Hello Kitty. Decades later, is the cat still cute?

Let's Watch Old Japanese Nintendo Commercials July 15, 1983. If that's your birthday, happy birthday! If it's not, that's cool. It's still a very special date in history. Because it's the day the Nintendo Famicom first went on sale in Japan.

Mrs. Bashcraft keeps asking me about Kinect, like if it's any good, if we should get it... –Brian Ashcraft

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