Blast Off | CAPE CANAVERAL, FL: Atlantis sits on the launchpad as rainbow colors the sky (Photo: Win McNamee | Getty)

The Real Story Behind Sim City's Arcologies Despite the fact they only appeared in one game (Sim City 2000), arcologies remain an iconic symbol of the Sim City series. But just what the hell are they?

The Double Fine Art of Lee Petty As one of the most imaginative video game developers in the business, it's a pleasure today to highlight the work of one of the artists at Double Fine, the studio behind games like Brutal Legend, Psychonauts and Trenched.

Turning Screenshots Into Photographs Brazilian artist Leonardo Sang has started up a project called VRP, or "Virtual Reality Photography". The aim is to use "video games as platforms for everyday photography".

Make Your House Look Like Rapture With These Awesome Posters Artist Stefan Petit has spent the last six months working on a pet project: recreate all the posters featured on the walls of Rapture, the decaying city-state featured in 2007 shooter BioShock. He's now done!

The Father of the PlayStation and Japan's Secret Koreans In Japan, South Korea is now cool. Speaking and singing the local lingo, Korean popstars like Girls' Generation rule the charts and appear on Japanese variety shows and in commercials. It wasn't always that way.

I didn't see this rainbow per se, but I saw one outside of my window this afternoon. –Brian Ashcraft

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