Hosing Around | TOKYO, JAPAN: Comedian Tetsuro Degawa appeared at a recent Nexon event. Hijinks ensued. (Photo: 4Gamer)

Toyota Continues to Chase Nerds (Now With Less Awkwardness) The Nagoya-based auto maker is already going after Western otaku with its bizarro take on virtual idol Miku Hatsune. Next up? Japanese otaku.

Expos Bring Out the Best In Cosplayers Anime Expo 2011 isn't just about anime. It's an excuse to dress up as all kinds of characters, and at this year's event, the video game cosplayers were out in force.

A Museum for Kick Ass Plastic Over the weekend, famed model figure and kit maker Kaiyodo opened a its Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto in the city of Kochi.

The End of Analog TV as I Know It From an early age, I watched a lot of television: The Lone Ranger, The Dukes of Hazard, and Hee Haw (hey, I grew up in Texas) were all piped in to our living room's Curtis Mathes television set.

In 1983, Donkey Kong Nearly Died As we celebrate what's (probably? maybe?) Donkey Kong's 30th birthday, let's today take a look at the 1983 court case which nearly brought a premature end to Nintendo's big ape.

Beat this picture, Brian Crecente! I dare ya!! –Brian Ashcraft

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