It's Dangerous to Go Alone | The Seattle bar Atlantic Crossing makes a familiar appeal to thirsty patrons. (Photo: So Seattle h/t Holly)

Namco Sues Over European Distribution, DRM Removal from Witcher 2

Namco Bandai is suing the parent company of the maker of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, the acclaimed PC role-playing game that will make its way to Xbox 360 later this year, over the rights to distribute that version of the game in Europe. Namco is also suing CD Projekt RED for removing DRM from the PC version without permission. More »

NCAA Football 12's Ultimate Conference Call

In NCAA Football 12 players have an extraordinary amount of control over the college football landscape. Last year, many diehards and purists pursed their lips and grumbled over a wave of conference realignments that forsake traditions and regional sensibilities for television contracts. NCAA 12 is their chance to put things right in the world. Their world. More »

Bungie Says 'Halo is Now Yours' as It Prepares the Handoff to Microsoft

As it did a year before, on Bungie Day (July 7), the Halo creators made available to the public the Bungie Armor and Nameplate in multiplayer, and prepared to wind down its stewardship of the Halo franchise it created with a sentimental note that hinted at future projects. More »

PSN Extends Registration for Free ID Protection Until the End of July

The time to collect your PlayStation Network welcome-back freebies has come and gone — twice, even — but Sony has extended one component. Registration for identity-theft protection will run through July 31, the company's top spokesman said on PlayStation's official blog. More »

Glitchers Brought in to Test Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

A group of Call of Duty glitchers has been called back to Infinity Ward to help the studio test and shore up the game's multiplayer, according to the gang's leader. More »

Still waiting on summer here in Oregon. Yesterday morning, the interior of the house was 60 degrees. That's cold comfort to those in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, I know.—Owen Good

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